Halloween Podcasts

There are many Halloween and Halloween related podcasts on the net today and they help you keep the spirit of the Holiday alive. Here are some of our favorites:


HaunTopic Radio

HaunTopic.com is an awesome website that you can go to and find so many different Halloween related content that you can spend hours getting lost in the links. Recently the founders Darryl from dEdmonton.com and Brian from ScaryVisions.com decided to make a new podcast that is shorter and to the point. Once every couple of weeks the founders choose a topic to cover extensively for about 30 minutes, so you get the information you want to hear without a lot of filler dragging out the show.
The Big Scary Show



Haunt Cast

Haunt Cast was our introduction to Halloween podcasts and the G-Host Chris Baker puts on one hell of a show. Back in November 2011 Baker had to shut down the show due to the sheer time and money that he was putting into the show, but recently the show has been Reserected thanks to the fans buying subscriptions for $100 per year. This is the only paid podcast that is well worth your money and will give you hours of entertainment so join Chris, Skully, Revenant, Shelly, Grimlock, and Ed Gannon as the warp your mind and make you laugh your ass off. With your subscription you will get many episodes of Haunt Cast, The new Shocktail Hour, and the Haunt Cast Magazine!

-Shocktail Hour-

The Shocktail Hour is a spin off from the Fright Flicks segment that used to be on Hauntcast and has now been mutated into an hour long show that’s separated from the creature known as Haunt Cast. In this bonus show that you get with your paid subscription Chris Baker and Johnny Thunder harass each other, embarrass themselves and in between let you know about upcoming horror theatrical releases, DVD releases, and a lot of cool information about the Horror Industry.


If you know of more Hauntertainment let us know by sending an email to Info@CalgEerie.com

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