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Haunted Branches Haunted Attraction

Located at 222 Rocky Ridge Bay NW, Calgary, AB the Haunted Branches Haunted Attraction has been spooking the locals for over 20 years! This year’s title is “Once upon a Nightmare: Deadtime Stories”. If you think you know your fairy tales think again, this year the Haunted Branches group will warp your favorite warm and fuzzy feelings, and twist them to new and dark places. Whether you are being chased by the Big Bad Wolf, or if the Queen of Hearts is screaming “Off with their HEADS!” you will begin to wonder if you will ever make it out alive! The Haunted Branches Haunted Attraction takes donations for both the Oopsa Dazy Animal Rescue Society and the Calgary Food Bank, and they make very large donations every year to both Charities all thanks to the patrons who bring them. Make sure you bring a donation for both groups when you go to one of the best Home Haunts in Calgary! You can check out their website at HauntedCalgary.com and check out their Facebook page here. So this Halloween come check out one of the oldest and creepiest Haunts around!


House on Haunted Heights

For something that started as a house warming party, it’s safe to say it snowballed into an awesome home Haunt. Mike and Charlie have been at this for the last 12 years pouring their blood, sweat and money into the Halloween pit all in order to put together a complete charity Haunt, where every cent earned goes to the Charity of their choice. This year they have chosen the same as our friends from the Haunted Branches group, Oopsa Dazy Animal Rescue, which we endorse and applaud full heartedly! So this season go down to 68 Douglas Glen Heights and make a donation to have the “tar” scared out of you! Check out their Facebook Page at House on Haunted Heights for more info and maybe some sneak peaks of what they have in store!


Midbend Cemetery

This is a Yard Haunt created by our friends Bruce and Jenn from Scary in Calgary. They have taken their obsession to the next level and have started making custom props for sale here in Calgary! Whether you need a coffin, a Haunted Fireplace, or just your typical cemetery gates they have what you need. They start setting up a week before the big event at 7 Midbend Cres. SE and continue right up until Halloween so whether you want to go and view some of their custom made products, or just really appreciate a great display head down and take a look. For more information and some pictures of the setup you can go to Scary in Calgary.com. You can also go to their Facebook Group at Scary in Calgary.com group and ask to join for lots of updates throughout the year.


This Haunt is another oldie but a goodie. We will let them tell you about their haunt.


Here is a quote from the CalgaryHalloween.ca Website:

“For over 18 years the Philip Family has haunted Midglen Way!! Hundreds of visitors come by every year to get scared off their brooms! You think they would have learned by now that the Yardkeeper does not like to be disturbed….

Goulish Gobblins, Wicked Witches, The Yardkeeper, Zombies and many more of the un-dead show up for this eerie night of fright!

This Graveyard is only open to the public one night a year, during the period of time on Halloween known as: “The Cracks Of Doom!”

Special effects, fog machines, sounds of the graveyard, animatronics and many more freakishly fun features frighten friends and foes alike!


Forgotten Souls Haunted House

A 16 year old high school student from Centennial High School here in Calgary started decorating his parent’s house for Halloween 8 years ago. Since then, it has evolved into a walk through haunted house, complete with pneumatic props, special effects lighting and assorted theme rooms complete with actors. He has put endless amounts of time and money into the projects and designs. Last year, 3 television stations came and did stories on this Haunted House venture. This year you will experience a Toxic Area, The Clown Room, Spider Mania, The Butcher Shop, a Closterfobic Space, the Farmers Fields and the ‘Dead’ Alley. Make sure you go check it out this year Halloween night at 135 Sun Harbour Close SE. Admission is free although donations are greatly appreciated to help make next year even better.

Like the Forgotten Souls Page on Facebook and follow on Twitter


Creepy Atmosphere Productions

This Home Haunt is located at 55 Deerbow Cir SE and is inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas! Take a look at their website and see all of the crooked tombstones, the Creepy Ghost in the window, and a Tree that looks like it will take a strip off of you! This Haunt is open for Halloween only so make sure you check it out or you will have to wait until next year. Head over to Creepy Atmosphere Productions and check out the pictures. Very cool!


The Halloween Cranston Cemetery

This home haunt is located at 127 Cranleigh Terrace and has been running since 2010. With both animatronics and live actors this haunt should really make you shiver. The Cranston Cemetery is kid friendly but has been known to scare even the biggest of adults. The Cemetery gates will be open on October 31st and will be scaring from 6:00pm to 10:30pm. There is no entry fee as they scare for the fun of the community, but if you would like to donate your time they are always looking for volunteers. You can check out the Facebook page for more information at thier Facebook Page.

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