Thanks to the USA (no not the country)

Recently while listening to The Big Scary Show podcast, the Unknown Scare Actor put out a request for the listeners to write him with new material for his Face Your Fears segment. I have wanted to do a series of posts for awhile now on the Fact of the Fears where I would choose and examine a common scare tactic used by many Haunted Attractions and analyse why these tactics scare the customers so well.

Well since my last post was a year or so ago I can definitely see that I probably won’t do the series so I emailed the idea to the U.S.A and he seems to really like the idea. He mentioned a change in his segment on episode 51 of The Big Scary Show and gave me credit for the idea, but he also mentioned After looking at the site for a few seconds I’ve decided that my break is over and it is time to put the effort back into the site with new content and major updates.

For a short while I was too busy and really I lost my passion for Halloween in general, but as per usual an idea popped into my head and it has seems to have reignited my passion. So for this I thank the Unknown Scare Actor for asking for help from the great community of Haunters since if he hadn’t of asked for suggestions I would probably still be ignoring that “twitch” in the back of my head that has been steadily growing but hadn’t broken through yet.

Go take a look at The Unknown Scare Actor and you can see what he is up to, also make sure you go to The Big Scary Show and download all of their episodes if you haven’t been listening, as you will get hours of entertainment and information, oh and did I mention that it’s free? So go have a listen and check back here soon as I hope to have some new content very soon.

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Just a simple home Haunter who has a dream of making Halloween related events, news, and People easy to find for the City of CalgEerie!
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