Easy Halloween Prop Ideas – Tombstones

Next in the series for easy props is the all famous Tombstone. Tombstones are the most widely produced prop in the Halloween Community because they are one of the major staples of Halloween symbolism and they are easy to make and customize to suit your needs.

White Styrofoam Example

Now this is a subject that I can really get into because these are the main props that I have been able to build. Tombstones vary as much in there construction as the people who make them. Some people will use what they have lying around the house from cardboard to plywood to a few who use papier mache. The most commonly used material however is styrofoam.

The examples and resources on the internet are numerous and easy to find but I will get you started with a few of the best resources that I have found.
First we have Terra – The Terror of the Cul de Sac

Terra was my first introduction to doing foam tombstones. I had seen them all over the forums and finally I decided to try and make some myself, and that is where Terra’s tutorials were a lifesaver. Terra shows you how she carves out some really cool designs and different techniques that can come in handy as you go. Click the link above to visit Terra’s YouTube channel and you will be amazed at the different ways that foam can become a Haunters best friend.
Next we have Grant McDonald from iHauntu

Grant is a long time foam carver who now works on designing and making pieces out of foam for MiniGolf courses but he has done a lot more including making real tombstones. Grant is by no means limited to making tombstones he creates many masterpieces out of foam and you can see it all by clicking on the link above.
Here is another great tutorial that goes into a little more detail on materials, techniques and finishes for your tombstones. The Haunted Yard

You can find several resources online that will advise you that one method is the best. My advise to you is to try them all and find what works for you because the question “what is the best method, material, or tool?” has no answer it is a personal choice.

Have fun and get to work we only have 48 days left!

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